You play a central role in ensuring that life thrives with clean waters. All of us are beginning to understand more about the water on our planet. The fact that the water we have is all the water we’ll ever get. (Nobody in outer space is sending us more).

The fact that all this water is connected, as it flows, evaporates and precipitates, freezes and unfreezes and thus moves over and around our blue planet. It is in fact only one body of water.

Most of the inhabitants of this planet know that life came from the water and that life relies on it. Be it drinking water or the water in our oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers. It makes sense that this should all be clean, doesn’t it? We want to continue to have enough fish to eat, uncontaminated fish that is, and good fresh water to drink.

Going Blue means working towards that unpolluted water, or in the short to medium term certainly polluting it much less. One person, one town, one port, one ship at a time.

This is the mission of The Going Blue Foundation and everything you can personally do to mitigate water pollution, at home, by the ocean or the sea is crucial.

What you can do:

  • Use domestic detergents and washing up liquids that are proven to be natural
  • Use LESS shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair (save money too) or, as it becomes available, use ones that are ecocompatible
  • Use ecocompatible sunscreen that is scientifically proven
  • Use hand soaps that are natural (many liquid soaps are not)
  • Use less car shampoo
  • If you have a boat, you already know not to tip stuff overboard!
  • If you own a company, have your processes analysed and see where you can diminish your water pollution

As you and more people do this, water pollution will diminish.

Go Blue Too. Life thrives with clean waters.